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UK Telescopes Launch New and Exciting New - Full Featured Telescope

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Konusnova-114 telescope is a superb instrument for studying the night sky, it comes complete with a smartphone adapter for navigating and taking photographs.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Apr 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Konusnova 114 Review

Do you want to look at Planets and many Deep Space Objects as well as Stars?

Well, the Konusnova 114 Newtonian Reflector Telescope is very capable. This instrument hit the UK telescope market late last year from the Italian company KONUS Italia Group as one of their latest in a series of Konusnova models.

The Konusnova 114 Telescope is an ideal telescope for beginners. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport. It has a nice short tube length, which gives it a wider field of view much better than other telescopes in this price range. The package kit comes complete with everything ready to get started on your journey into the wonderful hobby of Astronomy and all this at an affordable price!

The Konusnova 114 will show you greater detail than any other telescope in this price range. With its clever design, wide-field eyepiece, and fully coated optics, the night sky will come alive before your eyes, discover many objects such as Galaxies and Nebulae that are too distant for larger scopes. You will see planets, star clusters up close in clarity without spending thousands of pounds on a large expensive telescope.

Another excellent feature of this telescope is the Smartphone Adapter, this has two benefits, first, it can be used as an object finder, download an app on your mobile phone attach it to your telescope with and it becomes a navigation aid directing you to interesting objects to look at in the night sky. The other application is you can use it to take photos! It is so easy now to do astrophotography, most new smartphones have good cameras built-in and capable of taking high-quality photographs.

We have been impressed with how comprehensive the package is, everything you need to start observing the night sky including various lenses of different magnification and a Barlow Lens which double the magnification of any chosen standard lens, this is great for looking at the Moon or some of the big Gas Giants Planets like Jupiter.

Here are some of the great features of this telescope –


The Konusnova-114 Reflector telescope is a great choice not just for beginners, but also for experienced astronomers. Fully equipped with a large aperture of 114mm large light gatherer, plus a high-quality Parabolic Mirror, with this tube assembly it is a very capable instrument ideal for general stargazing and night sky observation.

Primary Mirror:

We have been highly impressed when reviewing this telescope, it has a very high-quality Parabolic Mirror impressive for its price. We carried out some basic tests on the mirror and the results of which are normally found in much larger more expensive telescopes currently available.

Secondary Mirror:

As well as the Parabolic ‘primary’ mirror, the Konusnova-114 also has a high-quality secondary mirror known as a Diagonal Mirror. It deflects the light onto the eyepiece and controls diffraction spikes and light loss. This has excellent performance and will give improved clearer images.


This telescope comes with an Altazimuth mount, making it very easy to navigate the night sky and you can easily track objects as they move across the sky. The mount is well-engineered and solid, many beginner telescopes have poor quality mounts which wobble and make viewing difficult, this telescope however performed perfectly in the tests we carried out making general viewing nice and comfortable.

Technical Specifications:

– Altazimuth mount

– Metal tube with collimated lenses

– Full size, Sturdy adjustable metal tripod (from 78cm to 121cm) with accessory tray

– “Stardot” electronic red dot finderscope

– Universal adaptor for Smartphones

– Two 31.8mm eyepieces: H8 and H20

– Moon filter

– 2x Barlow Lens for doubling the magnification power


With its F 500mm focal length, you can easily use low magnification to get a nice wide field of view. This telescope is great for viewing the Moon’s surface, looking at Craters, all our Planets, Star Clusters, and many Deep Space Objects. Combine this with impressive optics, a 114mm aperture tube assembly and you have plenty of power in your hands to impress!

For more information on this exciting new telescope please visit www.uk-telescopes.co.uk


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