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Tesla Makes Plans To Open Its Own Restaurant Chain

Billionaire entrepreneur and PayPal Entrepreneur Elon Musk have long discussed opening up a restaurant chain, and it seems as though his plans are starting to solidify now with a patent filed with the Trademark Office in California. The patent was filed on June 7th, but has only just now been granted. If the application is approved, it would open up a new line of hotels in an area of Los Angeles best known for its restaurants – Hollywood Boulevard. According to Musk, the new establishment will not be located on Hollywood Boulevard at all, but rather on Melrose Avenue where the present conflict currently exists between the Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards. However, if the project does go through, it will join a long list of hotels, condominiums, and other restaurants that have recently hit the market in the same area of Los Angeles.

In the past, these types of establishments have included restaurants like Blockbuster and Netflix, as well as a video arcade called the L’Orient. There’s no word on whether or not any of these locations will be operated by Tesla or if it will be a stand-alone restaurant. Musk did, however, express a great deal of enthusiasm for the potential of having such a business in the area.

The reason why he’s so enthusiastic comes down to his vision for the business. He sees the potential to build something that attracts a younger generation, especially with the success that he claims the streaming service, Netflix, has had with its option. He also sees a market that is not adequately filled with quality restaurants. Because he sees the possibility for such a business to succeed, he’s investing in the right place at the right time.

That means that there will probably be a focus on casual restaurants and bars in this new franchise. The traditional fast food chains that are often found on main streets across America are not going to disappear, but they may be a lot less successful than they have been in the past. People simply do not have the time to eat out every day anymore, so they are more likely to turn to their homes to satisfy their hunger. That is why there will probably be an emphasis on the casual dining experience in these stores.

The opportunities in this type of restaurant will certainly be tempting to many people. Musk understands that it is important for a business to focus on quality while bringing in a steady stream of customers. That is why he will have some top chefs on hand, which can certainly boost customer satisfaction to an extent. When the restaurant first opens, expect to see a focus on quality over quantity. The aim is not to make a profit right away, but to prove that the Model S is the automobile of the future.

Since many people are concerned about the quality of the foods served in these restaurants, it is a good idea to ask potential franchisee whether or not the menu will be prepared by hand, or if they would prefer to order from the vending machines located around the restaurant. Another thing to consider is the type of seating that you would like. If you are looking for a quiet, intimate setting, then you may want to avoid the salads and see if the service is quick and efficient. If you are expecting a large number of guests, you will probably enjoy the various choices in seating, and there should be enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone who shows up. There will likely be some Model S enthusiasts in attendance, so this may be the perfect opportunity to introduce your franchise to them.