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Roof Deterioration On The Rise As Maintenance Contracts Cancel


As a result of Covid-19, A lot of industries have suffered as contracts are either cancelled or work not ordered. The roofing industry is one that has suffered among the others. As a result of national and state lockdowns across the nation, it is meant that roofing contractors carrying out Roof Repairs were not able to carry out important maintenance either on contract or on individual orders.

During a discussion with roofing specialist and contractor Len Roofing, they said that there was a definite decline in the number of roof maintenance projects compared to other years outside of Covid-19. They said that the reduction of roof maintenance work across the nation will have an impact in the future with regards to a large increase in the number of roof repairs that will be needed.

The maintenance of roofs and their repair can help prevent problems due to leaks or the entry of foreign elements into the facilities, which allows to avoid extensive repairs or even replacement of roofs due to the bad conditions in which they could be found.

The first phase in roof maintenance consists of visual inspections of the roofs where minor problems can be detected early. These inspections should include the identification of cracks, crevices, breaks, or any visible sign that could lead to a major leak or tear.

Wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour can cause minor roof damage and fill cracks with moisture. Industrial buildings generally have sheet roofs, which, like other materials such as concrete, require protection with waterproofing agents that prevent wear over time and the presence of infiltration.

All roofs require scheduled maintenance, with qualified personnel who have the necessary precautions for traffic on roofs. It is worth considering as a premise to guarantee the safety of the people in charge of the maintenance of the roofs, since according to statistics a significant number of fatalities have arisen through the transit of unskilled people through the roof of industrial buildings.

Gabled roofs are basically made up of two wings with slopes that pour the water on both sides of the building. The slope of each wing of the roof must be a minimum of 20 ° angle of inclination.

The advantage of the gable roof is that it can be used for high bays, which facilitates the construction of mezzanines, its construction is quick, and it is also easily dismantled.

In this type of roofs, a maintenance program must be implemented for the roof and structure, with the application of an anti corrosive periodically.

Len Roofing recommend that industry and residential property owners should be mindful of the importance of carrying out reasonable periodic roof maintenance inspections to avoid bigger bills as a result of roof repairs that will be inevitable if roofs deteriorate as a result.


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