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Plastic 360 Announces Reduced Product Costs For 2021.

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Stating production facility automation via robotics as a key factor.

Wilmington, Delaware Apr 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Plastic 360 LLC (USA) Plastic 360 INC (Canada). Announces Reduced Production Costs Due to Automation Despite the Prevailing Global Economic Destabilizers. This milestone is a major move for Plastic 360 on its mission to increase distribution and product visibility in the United States and Canada.


“With the price increase we have seen on resins in the past year, reducing our overall production cost is helping us maintain our competitive edge,” says Jonathan Morris, CEO at Plastic 360. “Helping our clients save while maintaining a quality product during these hard times remains a priority.”


The rising resin costs due to economic factors like the cold surges in Texas are affecting operations in different companies. Plastic 360 applies innovative measures to stay productive and profitable despite the economic crisis. 

For more information, please visit https://plastic360.co 

The recent announcement comes after Plastic 360 recorded a rapid expansion and growth in its returns. The increase in demand comes after a rise in foodservice requirements that have brought about more food processing partners in the market following the Covid-19 shutdown regulations. 

With its strong ambitions of becoming one of North America’s leading plastic manufacturing companies, Plastic 360 has made important investments, 14 injection molding presses, and 7 IML robots with more to come due to an increase in demand. 

With its fully automatized plant, the company has experienced lower operation costs while enhancing its competitive advantage. 

The efficient technological application enables Plastic 360 to operate its plants at full speed 24/7 365 days. The turnaround time and production are lower due to the newly acquired presses and robots. The company now offers food grade and general packing solutions that are problem-and client-specific. In-mold labeling and Dry Offset printing techniques allow Plastic 360 to provide custom brands as per unique customer preferences. 

This latest announcement emphasizes the company’s vision to exploit state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to provide top-grade packaging products for its esteemed customers. With innovative strategies and creative production, Plastic 360 maintains an efficient and cost-effective flow of packaging products. 

The company spokesman says, “Our fully-automated factory floor helps us reduce manufacturing costs as well as reduce overhead, thus allowing us to compete effectively.”

Interested individuals can find additional information about Plastic 360 and its unique products by visiting the above-mentioned website. 


Food processors and distributors are welcome to inquire about our products by phone or email, 1-800-683-2269 distributors@plastic360.co


To learn more about Plastic 360, click here https://plastic360.co.



Plastic 360 is a plastic manufacturing company that relies on innovative techniques to offer packaging solutions in the food industry. The company targets food processors and distributors in Canada, the US, and Denmark. It avails a variety of plastic packaging products that range from containers to buckets of various shapes and sizes. The company employs advanced technology and invests heavily in product development to create its high-standard brands. Each strategy is well-calculated, and the approaches well-researched for production superiority. Besides offering potential customers a faster turnaround time, the company features manufacturer pricing and in-mold labeling. Plastic 360 was founded in 2017 to offer custom packaging solutions to the North American market. In 2021, the company aims to grow business relationships with US and Canadian distributors and food processors. 

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