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Portland, Oregon Apr 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Pdxflowerguy Mystery Box!

Each mystery box includes 2 paper flowers from our currently in overstock inventory.

There are over 100+ boxes in total. I will ship out all orders within 5 business days of the contribution.

There are 20 top Mystery Boxes! The top surprises are as follows:
10 Deluxe Flower Sculptures (One Of A kind)+ Basic
10 Deluxe Flower Sculptures (Two-Tone)+ Basic

Notes about this mystery box:

Mystery Boxes are not eligible for additional discounts or returns. All transaction
s are final.
All boxes contain 2 two paper flowers, including those with a top-tier arrangement.

multiple top-tier paper flowers will not appear in the same box.

We also cannot do quick peeks with respect to keeping the random nature of the mystery boxes intact.
Limit 5 boxes per family.

If you do not receive one of the top-tier paper flowers, all other boxes are $50 retail value with 2 Basic Flowers, complete with signed and dated Official Seal Of Authenticity plus the words of motivation written by the pdxflowerguy himself.

Post your Pdxflowerguy Mystery Box on social media and tag us with #pdxflowerguy!

Send a mystery box anywhere in the USA for no additional compensation. Go to
Paypal.me/pdxflowerguy donate $25 dollars or more. Full name, mailing address, and contact info (e-mail/mobile) for tracking shipping.


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