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New tech Start-up "Touch" ready to save salespeople half a billion hours of wasted time each year

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London, United Kingdom Apr 13, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – When you think of problems facing salespeople, you probably don’t think of lost time. Yet, according to research by Freshworks salespeople waste a combined 516 million hours navigating through clunky software forced upon them by management; causing $8.3 billion in lost productivity in the US alone.

New tech start-up, Touch, believes we should be doing better, claiming to have created the fastest sales software in the world to solve this problem.

“No matter what they tell you, the CRM wasn’t built for the salesperson,” Says Sachin Pabari, CEO of Touch. “The fact they sell directly to senior management, means they have to prioritise management features, which ends up in a slow and clunky product. We’ve turned this on its head, putting the salesperson back in control and focussing on perfecting only the tools they need to thrive.”

Touch allows a salesperson to perform all the actions they normally execute inside their CRM (customer relationship software). However, they don’t replace a salesperson’s CRM. Instead, Touch works together with the CRM to give a salesperson a blazingly fast interface, while keeping all the data carefully inside the CRM for their managers.

This careful design makes using Touch a personal choice, where any salesperson can begin using the software without any changes to the current business process.

This week Touch closed pre-seed funding round, led by Tim Dempsey of Manchester Venture Partners alongside senior figures from Facebook, Depop, and Forward Partners. This puts them on track to expand their development team and bring their next time-saving features to the sales community even faster.

“Were almost any business software to be rebuilt again, principles such as deep work and flow would have to be incorporated into the design, the team at Touch really understand this” Says Tim Dempsey, Epiphany Capital “With this in mind, they are creating truly elegant solutions aiming to have a profound impact on salespeople’s lives, making this a business to watch.”

You can see this elegance with a single look at the new interface, which has stripped away hundreds of buttons, menus, and tabs you expect to see in traditional business software, in favour of a keyboard-driven command palette claiming to make any sales task faster.

A beta version of Touch is already available for some lucky users, which already has hundreds of more salespeople on their rapidly growing waiting list. You can find out more about Touch, or join the waiting list at https://touchapp.co.


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