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Google Acquires Fitbit For $2.1 Billion 

Google has acquired Fitbit for a hefty sum. It may seem unbelievable, but this is actually a very smart move by Google. The reason why Google acquired this business is the Fitbit is seen and known to make the best and most accurate fitness tracker around today with all its sophisticated and wonderful features. Many people in the health and fitness industry have already been looking at ways and means to track their customers’ health, especially with the ongoing trend of smartphone apps that allow us to track our health and fitness directly from our phones. The Fitbit brand has been providing these sophisticated and useful health and fitness tracking devices to individuals in the market for some time now and looks set to expand its business further.

Fitbit is a pioneer in the business of creating high-quality, low-cost devices that enable users to track their fitness activities. It has a huge collection of apps that allow its users to track all aspects of their health, such as heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and the number of stairs they have climbed. Apart from being a great fitness companion, Fitbit can also be used for tracking one’s weight and body fat as well as monitoring other factors such as stress levels and sleep patterns. This amazing and versatile device is extremely useful as it also comes with a very useful medical monitoring feature that enables doctors to monitor their patients’ heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure. This innovative and helpful feature has made it extremely popular amongst all types of individuals who are concerned about their health.

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit for $2.1 billion is yet another sign of the search giant’s increasing interest in the health and wellness industry. Health and fitness are one of the fastest growing segments on the global market and Google has decided to go into this particular market with big money and big dreams. The internet giant has made many acquisitions recently, most notable being Motorola Mobility, so it is not surprising if they are gearing up to make another acquisition like Fitbit. The acquisition will most likely result in more innovative and healthy devices that will allow Google to compete better with its competitors. In this regard, Fitbit will most likely become part of Google’s portfolio of products that will compete with other health and wellness related products on the market.

Google’s health and fitness division are led by Dr. Zein Elabdine, a professional medical entrepreneur with a background in computer science and venture capital. Dr. Elabdine is considered to be an expert when it comes to creating innovative technological health products. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit will only further fuel the fire as these experts join the ranks of Google. In addition, Google has already been successful in partnering with a slew of well-known health and lifestyle organizations including The March of Dimes and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create apps for smart phones that can help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With Fitbit’s integration with Google Play, this all comes together into a complete package for the Google mobile user. Fitbit users will now be able to access their account from any smartphone that has a wireless data network, which is expected to pave the way for even more business opportunities from this acquisition. This is just the beginning, as Google has big plans in store for Fitbit and other acquisitions that it makes in the health and wellness sector. The acquisition of Fitbit is yet another giant step towards Google’s goal of creating digital solutions that will impact people’s lives.

With the acquisition of Fitbit, Google will be able to track all of an individual’s exercise and workout routines. This would enable them to better serve customers who want to better track their health and wellness. This will also give Fitbit a bigger platform to compete against other fitness and health related apps in the future. Google has already shown that it is serious about exploring the business opportunities that the Internet can bring into the home market. The acquisition of Fitbit will only fuel that fire as it seeks to increase its foothold in the wellness and business market.