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Eurasian Fortune Company acquires pieces of Europe

New York City, New York Apr 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – NYLIFE Securities, the American and Eurasian fortune company, announced through its Chief of Finance and Head of Development P.T. Jonhson that it has successfully closed a round of investments focused on the acquisition of luxury properties and hospitality in Europe through Black Ocean Capital Invest, supported infusion and transformation by McKinsey & Company, driven and led by VR Corporatenext, personally by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro the Italian strategy specialist as the brand new operation asset management corporation, VR Asset Management.

Over the past year, there has been a lot of focus in the financial services community on social impact investing. Black Ocean is an asset management firm based in the US and Eurasia specialising in managing volatility risks and risk hedging. Nowadays where the money goes the sustainability and social impact follows. 

There is no more investment without any deep respect for the environment and inclusions. The world is pivoting toward fusion as the necessary complement to other technologies which, collectively, will enable the carbon-free energy future we all need. Real Estate and Finance work together in full consideration of the environment and the social responsibility. The projects under control, management, and fusion of the European/Italian advisory firm, VR, are performed as a vision of the actual reprise and recovery after the pandemic by a coronavirus.

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