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Affordable Outdoor Awnings & Screens by Screenmobile of NorthShore, Chicago

Practical, Affordable Outdoor Awnings & Screens

Motorized awnings, screen doors and porch enclosures are an attractive way to boost your home’s value, maintain energy efficiency and protect your household from bugs.

Screenmobile by NorthShore has 40 years of experience across 110 locations in crafting, delivering, and installing professional and quality screens, awnings and porch & patio screen enclosures especially for use in the home to make the home more comfortable and useable in the hot season. Screenmobile owner Alfonso Patlan says that “the advances in technology over the last few years have allowed us to provide something that not only looks amazing but works to reduce the effort of entertaining in all weathers and keeps the home safe from burglars and insects too.”

Screenmobile in Chicago takes pride in their excellent home delivery and installation options, so there’s no need for DIY and their customer service experts will stay connected to ensure you’re completely satisfied after the job has been completed.

Mr. Patlan was passionate about “designing a screen option that suited any home and is easy to use. Although screen doors of the past served a purpose, they often became stiff with age and were difficult to move. However, motorized options don’t have any of those difficulties and move with ease in all climates, meaning they last much longer and are much better value for money.”

The motorized screen doors also serve to save on your energy costs. While they allow for a little extra living space, they also create greater airflow in your home when it’s hot, reducing the need for heavy duty aircon by around 50%, meaning your bills will be much cheaper. This means that you don’t need to have your doors and windows open, exposing your home to bugs and the threat of the West Nile Virus.

The motorized sun-control screens and shades created by Screenmobile by NorthShore in Chicago have proven to increase property prices because they maximize your outdoor space, giving you much more flexibility and give you the option for privacy too, meaning you can sit outside more often without being overlooked.

As the warmer weather approaches, Mr. Patlan says “we will be gearing up for a heavy season, without more people wanting to spend their time in the open air and reduce their energy bills. For this reason, we’re looking at even more modern designs and materials to help every customer find their perfect match.”

If you’re intrigued by the idea of bespoke fitted, motorized screen doors or awnings, then visit the Screenmobile by NorthShore website for more information or speak to one of their helpful customer service team for recommendations based on your home.

Screenmobile of North Shore Chicago

Address: 13546 Rockland Road, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

Tel: (847) 946-4800

Web: https://www.screenmobile.com/north-shore-chicago/