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About Us

In a tough business world where getting your company known and your products seen by your customer base is getting harder and harder. Businesses are struggling to find quality places to get their business or products seen by their target market.

Cost of publication is being driven higher and higher as the big companies with big budgets handover the high ticket prices for publication.

We are C4 Central Group Media. Our goal is to help business achieve online visibility without the massive publication costs that other media companies are charging. We are able to offer great visibility and value because we ourselves are just a small company. However, although we are small, we have large reach online, and are able to get your news story published on this website in a highly prominent location. In addition to this, your news story will remain in that highly prominent location for some time. We don’t have the massive turnover that some of these huge media companies have, where your new story has high level visibility for just a few hours, if that.

Please feel free to check out our website and if you would like to have your own feature news publication appear on our homepage and our feature page, then please reach out to us from our contact us page and request media pack. Alternatively, contact us for a standard press release media pack to get the very best prices available online.