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(See: Art.1, Sec. 10)

We started this organization in 1986, because we recognized that nearly every problem facing this country today could be solved by returning to the U.S. Constitution and other principles which guided our Founding Fathers.

We are now introducing this organization to the Internet on July 4, 1999 in honor of our Founding Fathers, who declared their independence from a tyrannical government 223 years ago, with the hope that the power of the Internet will enable us to restore the principles for which they pledged their Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor.

We are combining the power of the Internet (Email) with the Supreme Law of the Land (The U.S. Constitution) to force our government to limit itself to doing only those things authorized by Article 1, Section 8 which delegates a few well defined duties to Congress.

Congress is authorized to tax, borrow, and spend to:  Regulate commerce, Establish rules for citizenship, Establish bankruptcy laws, Coin and regulate money, Standardize weights and measures, Punish counterfeiting, Establish a postal system, Pass copyright and patent laws, Establish federal courts, Punish crimes on the high seas, Declare war, Raise and finance armed forces, Establish rules for the armed forces, Call up state militias, Administer the seat of government, Administer federal lands, Pass laws for the implementation of the above.

To remove all doubt as to their intentions the Founders added the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which said,

"The powers not delegated to the United States..., are reserved to the States..., or to the people".

All of government's power comes from that We The People delegate to it. The people can NOT delegate a power to the government that the people themselves do not have.   The only power that the people have is their right to protect LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY.   Therefore, the people can hire a government to assist in areas of protection ONLY.   To Wit, The Judicial System, Military, Police, Fire Department, etc.

The Constitution is a legal binding contract between the government and its employer (the people).   The U. S. Supreme Court was right when it said,

"The Constitution is a written instrument and as such its meaning does not alter, that which it meant when it was adopted, it means now!" U.S. vs. South Carolina (1905)

We believe that the over-regulation and over-taxation coming from our elected officials will continue unless we take action NOW!
We agree with one of our past Presidents who said,

"Unless the people, through unified action, arise and take charge of their government, they will find that their government has taken charge of them.  Independence and liberty will be gone, and the general public will find itself in a condition of servitude to an aggregation of organized and selfish interest." Calvin Coolidge

We are arising on this July 4, calling for unified action from our members via email, phone calls, letters, etc. to Congress demanding the following:

Pay Congress based on their performance by deducting from their salary the cost to the average taxpayer of any legislation that a Congressman supports which is not clearly authorized in Article 1, Section 8 of The U.S. Constitution.

Reduce the size of the Federal Government by abolishing or returning to the states all federal departments, agencies and programs found lacking constitutional granted authority (See Article 1, Section 8 of The U.S. Constitution).

Repeal the 14th Amendment or remove the words that gave the federal government jurisdiction over ALL people.   Before this Amendment, the people were citizens of the State wherein they resided ONLY.   The States should be sovereign and make all law concerning the lives, liberty, and property of the people except when the citizen themselves volunteer into the jurisdiction of the federal government by accepting employment or violating constitutional federal law.

Repeal the 17th Amendment so that the Senators would again be appointed by their state legislatures to protect States' Rights as the Founders intended.   We would again have one branch of government with a vested interest in keeping the federal government small.

Replace all direct taxes with indirect taxes by replacing income tax, property tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax with sales or consumption tax.   Article 1, Section 9, of the US Constitution states, "No capitation, or other direct tax shall be laid,...." The income tax was imposed briefly after the War Between The Federal Government and The Southern States.   However, the US Supreme Court overturned it with these words, "The income tax is indeed a direct tax and therefore unconstitutional." Pollock v. Farmers Loan & Trust Co., (1895)   The income tax was unconstitutional then and is unconstitutional NOW along with all other direct taxes "...unless in Proportion to the Census...", Article 1, Section 9.

Reform Social Security by gradually replacing it with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRS) which would allow workers to retire with more income than that received while working.   Our current system is destined to fail regardless of all the promises made by dishonest or ignorant politicians.   (more here)

Promote morality and traditional family values by teaching the principles upon which this country was founded rather than the LIES of evolution, humanism, and socialism   (more here and here).

Build a strong military recognizing that "Peace Through Strength" is always our best policy.   Learn what motivates terrorist Here

Declare War on Socialism and Humanism.   These two interlocking philosophical points of view have gradually replaced the Founders' self-evident truths with lies designed to deceive and enslave the masses.

Control Criminals not Guns.   Criminals by definition are lawbreakers and will not alter their behavior in deference to a law.   Enacting gun laws to control criminals makes as much sense as trying to require rapist to wear condoms.

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." Thomas Jefferson
For more Quotes and my position on Gun Rights click HERE

The implementation of the above would free "We The People" from a tyrannical government and secure for ourselves and our posterity the "Blessings of Liberty" for which so many have fought and died.   To accomplish these goals large numbers of members are needed to bring pressure to bear on elected officials.

A threat from a few will not do.

A threat from many will affect plenty.
"The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to." Thomas Jefferson


  • We will supply position papers and other educational materials to candidates and members of Congress and publish their response via email to all members.

  • We will be conducting opinion polls on this site concerning a variety of issues and providing those results to candidates and members of Congress.

  • We will be recruiting and promoting candidates who are willing to follow the Constitution and exposing those who reject its authority.

  • We will be alerting members when important legislation is pending and asking for simultaneous email to be sent to elected officials.

  • We will encourage and support members who wish to form local chapters to fight state and local problems.   A good example is property tax, which is a state problem that must be corrected because in addition to being a DIRECT tax, it also prevents us from ever actually owning property.   If property can be confiscated for taxes owed, it was never truly owned in the first place.

  • We are also deeply concerned about lawyer legislators at the state level who practice law and make law simultaneously.   They are in clear violation of the Separation of Powers Doctrine with a perpetual direct conflict of interest.   Because, the more rules and regulations lawyer legislators pass, the more their legal services are needed by the people.   They also benefit from passing complicated laws which can only be understood by lawyers.   In South Carolina, lawyer legislators also practice law before Judges that they themselves had a hand in appointing. One of the elements of Due Process of Law is an unbiased judge.   It is impossible for a judge to be unbiased when one of the parties before him can get him fired.

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  • Citizens for Constitutional Government is a nonprofit un-incorporated organization.   We will not apply for special tax-exempt status, therefore membership dues and/or donations are not tax-deductible.

  • All membership dues and donations will be used for the achievement of our goals.   When the U.S. Constitution is fully restored and We The People are again in control of our government, this organization will cease to exist.   Until then, please JOIN our FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!!!!

"Resistance To Tyranny Is Obedience To GOD"

Thomas Jefferson

For more info contact me, Gary McLeod, toll free at: 1-800-946-4279 day or night.

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